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Stylish, yet affordable accommodation with heart-warming hospitality & delicious breakfasts.

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From business to leisure, we have the perfect combination of facilities to make your stay memorable.

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Complete our online form to request a booking and we will contact you to finalize the arrangements.

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@ 7A JAMESON B&B is a bed & breakfast settled in the quiet suburb of Rhodesdene, Kimberley.

We offer very stylish, still affordable accommodation in Kimberley where you will find heart-warming hospitality and friendliness. These key attributes make @7A JAMESON B&B the facility of choice that will give you the experience that will be better than home.

Our accommodation consist of 6 rooms that are decorated in a distinct style.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to CONTACT US and we’ll gladly assist where we can! We hope you enjoy the rest of our website and look forward to hosting you soon!


"... Service was amazing esp on my first visit to Kimberley, the ladies made sure I enjoy myself . Definitely coming back. ..."
"... Thank you for a very pleasant stay. ..."
"... Well done to all the staff members. I enjoyed myself stay in your beautiful guesthouse. ..."
"... Baie dankie vir julle wonderlike gasvryheid & vir al die moeite wat julle vir julle gaste doen. Ons sal julle verseker aanbeveel vir ander en sien sommer gou weer. ..."
"... Baie lekker gekuier, te veel geeet! baie dankie vir julle gasvryheid – sien volgende jaar weer. ..."
"... Thanks for such an amazing hospitality. Very warm environment, amazing staff and good food. Much appreciated. ..."
"... Baie pragtig en gasvry. Die kos is smaaklik. ..."
"... Wate wonderlike plek, atmosfeer is great, slaap plekkie was great dit gevoel of ek by die huis is. En die mense hier is awesome. Sal gou weer kom in loer. Dankie Jameson ..."
"... First impression Last: Everything is refreshing, warm, welcoming and the staff are so well down to earth and helpful. The breakfast is healthy and delicious. Wish I could stay here forever. I rate it as one of the best bed and breakfast places in Kimberley. ..."
"... Baie dankie vir die vriendelike wyse wat ons ontvang is en die hartlike dienste wat ons ontvang het. Ons wens julle alles wat mooi is vir die toekoms. ..."
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